well, hello there.
& welcome to my blog/portfolio/adventure.


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What I lack in height, I make up for in heart. I’m inquisitive, deep, playful, and open.
& I want to visually stimulate you.


I’m my own self-improvement project-always challenging myself to be better, more compassionate and accepting of the balance of life.

I truly believe in the goodness of humanity. & mermaids.

Life is an adventure, made up of details and stories that rarely, if ever, provide one solution or conclusion. In other words, I know a lot, yet know nothing.

I have a fondness for unconventional beliefs, nude photography, the masculine, the feminine, rich conversations, and mystics.

I’m also a full-time ninja, cleverly disguised as a “model” at times, though I’d like to think of myself as a modern-day muse, and life explorer.


– I love food, especially a medium rare steak, french fries, ice cream and pizza
– I love the female form & find women to be attractive, but I am not Bisexual
– Sex appeal, substance, security, & a whole lot of a passion is what I look for in a Man
– Turn offs: If you lack an appetite for food, order your steak medium well+, or treat the Valet guy like shit
– Turn ons: Opening my car door, depth, flowers, a sexy smile and treating others kindly


Está es la vida,

jaydlem, jaydx, jaydlovely, signature, blog



If you’re interested in hiring me for a future project or have a general inquiry, please contact me at jaydlovely@hotmail.com