sheet rapture

love your secrets

wolf kiss

boating topless

power couple bey and jay

liquid cool off

modern noir

la perla

what is a muse?

She is beautiful, of course. But muses are so much more than beauty. It is difficult to describe. Her simplest gestures stir my passions. Like when she innocently shrugs one shoulder, as if to say, “I suppose…” all my fantasies awaken and my imagination runs at the speed of light. She has endless knowledge about art history, and boundless curiosity for almost everything. She teaches me things I don’t think anyone else could possibly teach me. She is the only person I trust to write about my work. She is as generous with her love as she is with her intellect. Whenever my heart wants to be free I conjure my muse, I think of my Ali, a gesture, a phrase, a lesson she has given me, and I paint.

modern noir

petey beauty 4

petey beauty 3

petey beauty shot 2

Beauty by Petey Wheatstraw

Petey Wheatstraw photographed me in my studio last Sunday.

the kind of love


two of me


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